2100 Simulator

Note: We no longer sell this product as it has now been made obsolete by the 12V500 Duplex Alcohol Simulator.

If you are in need of service or parts for this unit, please contact our support either by phone, e-mail, or our online contact form.

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Digital Readout – Microprocessor Controlled

The Guth Model 2100 was designed using a microcontroller, eliminating broad range mercury-in-glass thermostats. All components are chrome plated or stainless steel within the wet chamber area of the instrument. The all metal top housing is chrome plated brass, preventing rust and corrosion and provides for uniform head space heating and mechanical security for all fasteners. The simulator utilizes a graduated laboratory glass container. The simulator has external fuse protection. The circuit boards have plug-in connectors. A Calibration Port is provided for verifying the temperature of the simulator. RS-232, 9600 Baud Digital Serial Output of temperature and instrument status (polled) when used in conjunction with bench top breath alcohol testers.


RS-232, 9600 Baud Digital Serial output of temperature and instrument status (polled)

IDLE MODE SHUTDOWN – Heater and motor turned off, idle mode displayed, controlled via RS-232 port

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 9 in
Power Supply

USA / Japan (110v), Argentina (220v), Australia (220v), Europe (220v), India / South Africa (220v), United Kingdom / Ireland (220v), I'm Not Sure, China (220v)


General Specs

Construction Nickel Plated Brass w/ Matte Finish
Readout Bright LED Display
Sensor Electronic Solid State
Power Input 120 VAC, 60 cycle 220 – 240 VAC, 50 cycle
Power Consumption 72 Watts

1 Year Parts + Labor

Size (h x w x d) 9 x 3.75 x 5 in
Weight 5 lb (1.634 kg)
Inlet Tube 3/4 in
Outlet Tube 3/4 in w/ Metal Female Sure Lock Connector


Electrical Specs

Domestic Power Input 105/120 VAC @ 50 Hz
Foreign Power Input: 220-240 VAC @ 60 Hz
External Safety Fuse Easy, accessible plug in 1.0 AMP Fuse
Power Switch Double pole mounted in top housing
Indicator Power Lamp n/a
Indicator Heat Lamp n/a
Temperature Controller Microcontroller
Immersion Heater Ground wire welded to heater housing for shock protection



Temperature Range 34.0°C ± .05°C
Recovery Time
Laboratory Glass Container 500ml +/- 5% FIll mark molded into glass container
Secondary Baffle Available
Heated Head Space n/a
Heated Output Exhaust n/a
Warm Up Time


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