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The Guth Model 12V500 Alcohol Breath Simulator is a State-of-the-Art, electronically
temperature controlled, water-alcohol instrument for the purpose
of providing a precise calibration standard for testing or calibration of alcohol
breath analyzers. The Model 12V500 is the first simulator of its kind to incorporate
dual temperature probes to independently control and monitor the temperature
of the solution. The temperature of the water-alcohol solution placed
in the simulator is maintained at 34° C ± .05° C or better. The inlet and outlet
port pathways have been designed to be an integral part of the one piece
heated aluminum top housing thus allowing uniform heating and reduction
of condensation. The new LCD graphics display has a temperature resolution
of .01° C and in the event of an error allows feedback to the user in the form of messages instead of codes.

Using patented features, the 12V500 closely regulates and conditions the headspace gases to provide a uniform sample. The 12V500 maintains temperature control in low temperatures of 40 C with active air flow. Many of the competition simulators cannot maintain the temperature in cold conditions.

Why Use Simulators?

Guth simulators offer the closest simulation of a live subject by closely simulating the human breath in flow rate, temperature and moisture.

Wet simulators offer the ability to provide a sample through the breath tube of an evidential instrument. Providing a sample through the breath tube closely mimics a live subject test. This assures that the entire breath path of the unit is tested. This can not be performed using dry gas canisters with set low flow rates and can only be accomplished using a wet simulator. Guth offers several pumps that are compatible with the simulator depending on your testing requirements.

Evidential benchtop units on the market today offer calibration ports that allow direct connection of the 12V500. The sample from the simulator is then recirculated through the simulator with the internal pump of the breath tester. The recirculation feature allows for a greater number of tests prior to a solution change.

Regulatory Compliance

Our products meet the United States’ specifications for calibrating units for alcohol breath testers.

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